Western Steakhouse

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Western Steakhouse, part of Screamineagle Ventures Ltd, offers a scrumptious array of flavourful, classic, and contemporary dining options. There are also several gluten-free and vegan options for your taste buds to experience. Treat yourself to one of the daily, mouth-watering beverage features, or revel in a crisp, cold beer from the tap.

Are you looking for event locations? Look no further, the Western Steakhouse can accommodate up to 112 people in the restaurant and 300 people in the conference room. There’s also the option to cater in or out.

With their tasty menu selections, the Western Steakhouse has something for everyone.

Meet Terry Vandenbosch & Wendy Trueit

Meet Terry Vandenbosch & Wendy Trueit

Together Terry and Wendy make up the dream team that manages Screamineagle Ventures Ltd, which operates the Western Steakhouse. Inspired by their mutual love for Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Terry and Wendy have created more than a business partnership, “the four of us have created a family,” says Wendy Trueit fondly. Her husband has recently joined in on the business, while Terry's wife manages the company's bookkeeping. It's truly a family affair.

Terry Vandenbosch has been a long time resident of Tumbler Ridge. He enjoys the laid-back nature of the community, “where everybody knows each other, everybody looks out for each other, which is really great,” remarks Terry. Most of his free time is spent riding his Harley or playing golf. The rest of his time is spent overseeing the operations and employee relations of Screamineagle Ventures Ltd. Terry prides himself in hiring local, young people, most of whom he has known since they were little. He handles the back-end of the business and “tries to stay out of the kitchen” which is Wendy's forté.

Wendy Trueit has been a master at her craft for 40 years. She started at a young age scrubbing dishes in restaurants and worked her way up to creating multiple successful cafés. After a break from the industry, Wendy came back with a vengeance, ready to focus all of her love and energy into the food she creates, “there's no aspect of cooking that doesn't give me great pleasure and pride.” Wendy manages the kitchen, as well as the food and beverage service aspects of the business.

When she's not busy overseeing her vision being presented by head chef Jeffrey Mojica and chef Jonathan Taylor, Wendy loves to spend time with her children and grandchildren in the community she is so fond of. Wendy boasts of Tumbler Ridge, “the community itself - everyone helps everyone. They definitely support their local businesses.”

375 Southgate Dr S
Tumbler Ridge, BC V0C 2W0


Monday to Friday
4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
(or business decline)
Saturday and Sunday
6:00 am - 10:00 pm
(or business decline)