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Fictitious Ink Publishing is a locally owned publishing house founded by award-winning author, Tracy Krauss. Originating in 2013, the company is able to assist authors with all aspects of publishing. Published titles include fiction, non-fiction and children’s books. An accomplished writer and artist herself (her novel, Wind Over Marshdale is a Grace Award winner!) Tracy is eager to help other local artists find their way and is a member of the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council board of directors.

A writer for over 30 years, Tracy is an established author in many genres. She has had multiple publications in magazines, written an array of books and has written and produced various stage-plays, some have been performed all over North America.

If you’re looking to share your ideas, visions and stories with the world, connect with Tracy Krauss of Fictitious Ink Publishing today.

Meet Tracy Krauss

Meet Tracy Krauss

The arts run through Tracy's veins and compose almost all aspects of her life. The full-time drama, art and english high school teacher originally created Fictitious Ink Publishing out of a desire to grow in other aspects of her craft. Rather than focusing only on her writing, she wanted to create a place where she could publish her own work as well.

As technology advanced, it became easier for individuals like Tracy to take on more control of their product. As options became more readily available, Tracy became interested in the publishing aspect of her craft and wanted to add it to her already extensive repertoire.

“I like that I am the captain of my own ship,” she says. “I like the flexibility and the ability to control my own business. Working with bigger publication companies you soon learn that you have very little control over how your stuff is published and it wasn’t until just recently that you were able to take charge and do things yourself.”

The published author has lived in a small town most of her life and admits that the thing she loves most about small town living is also the thing she sometimes dislikes - everyone knows everyone.

“You are part of a community and feel like you belong. You’re a recognized face to people - not just a blank in the crowd,” she explains. “That is such a valuable thing, that feeling of being connected and the feeling of belonging. The flip side is that sometimes people know all about your business,” she laughs. “But the pros definitely outweigh the cons.”

There is so much scenic beauty in Tumbler Ridge and Tracy says that she is constantly reminded of this every time she drives into town. “I feel like I live in a resort,” she explains. “Just the other day, I mentioned to my husband that wow, we live in a park! He was like, yes Tracy-it’s called a Geopark!”

Besides the obvious scenic beauty, Tracy admits that there are many passionate community-minded residents and a thriving arts scene. Tracy is also a visual artist and spends most of her free time writing or producing art. “I don’t have any free time but I’m doing what I love,” she acknowledges.

Tracy envisions a great future for businesses within Tumbler Ridge now that things have moved online. You can live in a beautiful park and showcase your business around the world.

159 Gwillim Cres (Box 516)
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