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See Tumbler Ridge from a perspective you’ve never seen before!

Above Tumbler Ridge Photography provides clients with an astounding view of a familiar world, above trees and landscapes. Showcase your enterprise from all angles in one big picture that captures the entire essence of your project.

The drones used by Above Tumbler Ridge Photography can utilize the space above you to showcase your surroundings in a way not possible with normal photography. If you’re looking for a unique way to promote and advertise, connect with Above Tumbler Ridge Photography today.

For Brandon, Above Tumbler Ridge started out as a hobby. A remote controlled helicopter that can take pictures and record video…Brandon was sold the moment he saw the DJI Phantom. After putting it off for several months, he purchased his first quadcopter, a DJI Phantom 2 Vision +.

While not like the remote controlled toys of his youth, he quickly got a feel for flying. Sure, there were some mishaps, but they were all learning experiences with lessons Brandon isn’t soon to forget.

Living in a beautiful part of the world provides for some exceptional filming locations, of which Brandon takes full advantage. From stunning alpine views to picturesque waterfalls, there is always a new adventure or secret hideaway to explore. Above Tumbler Ridge Photography is a way to explore these places, to bring these amazing locations to those who might not be able to see them themselves – all year round.

Meet Brandon Braam

Meet Brandon Braam

Prior to opening his own business, Brandon Braam was just like any other Tumbler Ridge local. After moving to town for work, he frequently found himself out enjoying all the amazing natural wonders surrounding Tumbler Ridge.

After years of exploring, the adventurer decided to start documenting his excursions. First with his camera, but eventually with a high-flying drone. After filming his aerial footage, Brandon would upload his videos to Youtube; soon people started to follow his amazing photos online and it wasn't long before people started asking to purchase his work.

He obtained all the appropriate permits to allow him to fly and sell commercially and from there, Brandon began to market himself to industries in the area. The District of Tumbler Ridge began to take notice and he was soon hired to market the town on a tourism level. “It's like most small businesses," said Brandon. “It went from a hobby to something viable.”

The photographer is grateful to be able to share his experiences with others and is honoured to receive feedback from people online who say they have shared his work with their friends across the globe. “Some people around here aren’t able to hike due to physical restraints,” he explains. “I like that through the power of the Internet, I can take them with me.”

It’s the slower pace lifestyle that Brandon loves so much about living in his smaller community. There is no traffic and he's is able to walk to work every day. He’ll frequently find himself stopping to chat with other locals, an act that Brandon recognizes wouldn’t necessarily be feasible in a larger centre.

Recently, Tumbler Ridge has been getting more and more attention. Brandon admits he has noticed major changes throughout his community. He's happy to be starting his business here and is confident in the direction that Tumbler Ridge is heading.

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