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Octopus Designs has a passion for helping you make an impression through distinct branding and the effective use of graphic design and digital imagery. Whether in print or on the Web, they work with you to develop the right look for your website and promotional materials.
Octopus Designs creates original and visually-stunning websites, logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, posters and ads that give your audience an accurate and memorable picture of what your company or special event is all about. It also provides ongoing Website maintenance services.

Meet Dominic Legault

Meet Dominic Legault

As a youngster, Dominic Legault developed an interest in photography and art. It was these early explorations that led him to integrate his artistic skills with his technical skill and design work. He officially launched Octopus Designs, in 2014, though he has been doing graphic design work on an informal basis for 15 years. He has worked on a variety of projects throughout the years, including numerous ads for businesses on Haida Gwaii. His portfolio also includes labels, logos and branding work and even some pro-bono work for the Mujeres Ija’tz, a women’s food co-op in Guatemala.

Dominic's other interests include growing most of his own food on his farm and providing fresh greens for the local farm to school programs. He is also an accomplished musician and composer. (http://www.musicdominic.com)

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