Kingfisher Cabins

Accommodations and Tours

Formerly Rapid Richie’s, Kingfisher Cabins offers eco-friendly, comfortable, furnished and equipped cabin accommodation.

The Edenvale dollhouse (on Kingfisher Drive) is located 200′ from the Chown River, is pet friendly, and has all the‎ amenities, save for the outhouse.

The Riverside (also on Kingfisher Drive) sits right on the banks of the Chown River, which has all the amenities, including indoor plumbing

Meet Toni Smith

Meet Toni Smith

Toni has lived on Haida Gwaii since 1972, and worked as a commercial salmon fisher for 8 years, entering the visitor cabin business in 1995. She has happily seen the islands change from resource extraction to resource appreciation. She feels connected to the land and is happy to operate a business that is tied to the land and the ocean. Toni enjoys, "reconnecting people from all over the world with the beauty and bounty of nature so they will stand up to protect her."

15901 Tow Hill Rd
Tow Hill, BC V0T 1M0


Sunday to Saturday
9:00 am - 9:00 pm