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Agriculture & Food Production

The only thing that tastes better than fresh produce is fresh produce you’ve picked yourself. Tlell Bay Farm grows a wide variety of fresh produce every season, and fruit and veggie lovers can get up close to nature and the earth while picking their own favourites right off the stem, stalk or vine. Tlell Bay Farm has produced dozens of different crops over the years, and owner and chief farmer Elizabeth Condrotte enjoys experimenting with new ones each season. U-pick raspberries are available every summer, and dairy products (goat’s milk) and eggs are available year-round. Fresh, in-season produce from Tllel Bay Farm may also be found at the Tlell Farmer’s Market.

Meet Elizabeth Condrotte

Meet Elizabeth Condrotte

Elizabeth Condrotte was once an Alberta girl, but like so many people who live in Haida Gwaii, she came for a visit and never left. The pull of the islands is almost magical, and Elizabeth and her family settled in quickly to island living in the 1970s. She has farmed ever since, all while working as a teacher for many years. She's retired from teaching now but continues to grow produce, offering picked and u-pick vegetables and fruits for sale.

Elizabeth is deeply involved in the community of Tlell. The teacher in her still harbors a passion for education and she serves on the local school board. She has been an active member of the local Farmer's Institute for years including a term as president and was one of the driving forces behind the launch of the Tlell Farmer's Market and a refrigerated storage unit for the market vendors. A recent injury has forced her to slow down a little bit, but Elizabeth is not one to sit still for long. She prefers to keep busy and will always find ways to serve the community of Tlell.

Farming is in Elizabeth's blood, having spent her entire childhood living on one, and then starting her own farm in adulthood. Her years of experience have taught her a great deal about living off of the land, though Haida Gwaii farming definitely has unique challenges in comparison to mainland Canada. But Elizabeth loves to experiment with different crops (berries are one of her latest obsessions). One thing that makes farming and living on Haida Gwaii interesting is that you don't necessarily have to have cash to get the things that you need. Bartering is a wonderful way to meet mutual needs, and Elizabeth has traded berries for fresh fish on more than one occasion.

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