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With Haida Gwaii Glamping Co., camping has never been so glamourous! Situated on the rugged east coast of Haida Gwaii in Tlell, this glamourous campground features 10 large luxury prospector tents on raised platforms, four on the beach and six in the forest. Tucked between the towering trees is a large geodesic dome, standing in as a gathering place complete with communicable area, library and cookhouse.

It’s camping like you’ve always dreamed it could be. Immersed in lush forests, trickling with delicate mosses and ferns, with the lulling roll of the ocean’s break, Haida Gwaii Camping Co. is sure to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Leave all that extra gear at home, and enjoy all that island life has to offer without the added fuss.

What are you waiting for- book now for the season this May to September 2022. Haida Gwaii Glamping Co. is your most luxurious camping destination.

Meet Alanah & Nicole Husby

Meet Alanah & Nicole Husby

Alanah and Nicole Husby are an unstoppable sister duo with a vision. They possess the guts to turn their dreams into a reality and couldn’t be more thrilled with the direction the business is headed. Their new glamourous camping business model blends the rustic adventure of camping with the luxuriousness of a wilderness retreat.

As seasoned world travelers with a taste for adventure, and sometimes the finer things in life- the dynamic pair brings a lot to the table. Alanah and Nicole saw demand for additional accommodation venues in Tlell, and with overwhelming support from their community, construction promptly took place. Entrepreneurship is in their genetic make-up, and being at the helm of their own destiny makes the blood, sweat and tears worth all the effort. The sister partnership are equally passionate about delivering a memorable experience for locals and tourists alike.

Alanah and Nicole were born and raised Haida Gwaii residents, sharing between them a wealth of local knowledge and an undeniable love for their island home. “We love supporting our community, friends and family, in any way we can,” shares Alanah. “The community bonds together to help each other in any situation.” In addition to the wonderful residents, some of the sisters’ favourite perks of island life are the crystal-clear stargazing panoramas, the outstanding natural beauty and majestically turbulent storms. Haida Gwaii is a true Canadian gem.

#40175 - Highway 16
Tlell, BC V0T 1Y0


Open May 15 0 September 6 for 2022 season.
Online bookings available from December on.