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Haida Gwaii boasts cultural, community, and scenic photo ops that are second to none. Whether he’s creating compelling images of the places and events of Haida Gwaii, or making superb portraits of people fortunate enough to visit the islands or call this amazing place home, Jason Shafto of Full Moon Photo consistently achieves photographic excellence in his endeavours as a professional photographer. He has a trained eye for quality of light, colour, balance and personality, and keen ear for your photographic needs and vision. Whatever the occasion, Full Moon Photo is Haida Gwaii’s go-to business for all kinds of professional photographic services.

Jason Shafto is a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (BC Chapter).

Meet Jason Shafto

Meet Jason Shafto

Small, independently-owned local businesses contribute greatly to the character of a northern community, according to professional photographer Jason Shafto. And in a place like Haida Gwaii, which remains largely untouched by the 'big box' retailers prevalent in many bigger cities, island entrepreneurs are able to offer highly personalized service that is no longer common elsewhere. "It's a bit like the old fashioned 'hardware store' that has everything, and someone there who knows everything, too!" says Jason. "And if someone doesn't have what you're looking for in their shop, they'll often go out of their way to get it for you."

Jason focuses on bringing this kind of ethic into his own business. And like many island business owners, Jason believes that diversity is one of the keys to small island town business success. Jason himself does a variety of work, including making superb family and individual portraits, digitizing and restoring old photographs, photographing events, taking autumn school portraits, passport and I.D. photos, as well as teaching group and private photography lessons. Being in business on Haida Gwaii often requires an entrepreneur to wear many different hats and meet unique client needs. "A person creates their own opportunities on Haida Gwaii, with the help and support of their island neighbours. I find this empowering and personally fulfilling," states Jason.

But what really makes Haida Gwaii special, he notes, are the people who make up the community. On the islands everyone is a somebody, and people count on each other. Here, "one gets a sense they really do make a difference to the community around them," says Jason, and along with that comes the satisfaction of being recognized for one's contributions. Without that, Jason believes, much of what makes Haida Gwaii so unique would be lost.


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