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The Edge of the World Music Festival is an annual three-day family oriented music festival that takes place in Tlell on the second weekend in August. For more than two decades the festival has been bringing some of the world’s best up-and-coming and internationally acclaimed musicians to Haida Gwaii for an energetic and lively weekend of high-quality entertainment. Each year the festival features a diverse group of musical performances over the course of the weekend, as well as an enticing array of food and art vendors, kids zone, musician-led workshops, and fringe performances.

Individuals interested in applying to perform or volunteer can visit the Edge of the World Music Festival’s Website. Volunteers can work toward a free weekend festival pass.

Meet The Edge of the World Music Festival Board of Directors & Festival Director, Janet Rigg

Meet The Edge of the World Music Festival Board of Directors & Festival Director, Janet Rigg

The Edge of the World Music Festival has been one of Haida Gwaii's most successful events and popular tourist attractions for two decades. Past festivals have attracted visitors, musicians and performers from all over Canada as well as international locations. The Edge of the World Music Festival is organized by a volunteer board of directors and financially supported by businesses and individuals from all over Haida Gwaii. And, says Board Member, Jason Shafto, (speaking on behalf of the Festival) they rely on scores of volunteers each year to plan and execute the three-day event.

One of the things that distinguish small towns from big cities is the way that people come together in times of need and when things need to happen. "The community shines and excels at coming together to host an event like the festival," Jason declares. "A HUGE number of volunteers are essential to making this festival happen!"Jason notes, and he is always impressed by their efforts and dedication to the popular event. In fact, Jason, a long-time Haida Gwaii resident, points to this sense of community as one of the most enriching aspects of life on the islands.

The festival has consistently grown over the years, and the board continues to raise the bar with amazing and talented high-calibre performers and an improved festival site and overall experience. "The festival brings arts, culture, and commerce to Haida Gwaii every summer. Without the festival we would not have access to such talent" says Jason. And each successful festival is just further evidence of the community's efforts to work together in a way that is positive and beneficial to everyone.

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Please contact for information on upcoming festivals, vendors permits and other inquiries. Advance tickets available via the Website.