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Find inspiration, relaxation, adventure or all three at Cacilia’s Bed and Breakfast, located on a rolling sand dune overlooking Hecate Strait. Wake up to the islands’ most brilliant sunrises and enjoy the peaceful sounds of rolling ocean waves as you drift off to sleep at night. Guests are housed in a spacious, two-story log house that’s anything but rustic. Guests can lounge in the large living room or enjoy a meal in the ample adjoining kitchen and dining area. Cacilia’s Bed and Breakfast is surrounded by nature with numerous opportunities for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, boating, beachcombing and exploring. Up to 15 guests can be comfortably accommodated, and breakfast, lunch and dinner are available.

Meet Cacilia Honisch

Meet Cacilia Honisch

Cacilia Honisch was looking for a retirement project, and having lived for years in cities and larger towns, she wanted to be someplace more rural and closer to nature and particularly the ocean. She researched a number of coastal areas in BC but quickly settled on Haida Gwaii, loving its remoteness and unspoiled beauty as well as its housing costs. She purchased her home and guesthouse and did most of the renovations herself. She is particularly proud of the large stained glass window she designed and installed and which has become a focal point of the home. Since opening in 1992, Cacilia has relished entertaining guests from all over the world.

Seaside living suits Cacilia perfectly. She loves going for early morning walks with her dog along the beach and watching the sunrise. Sunsets are equally as breathtaking, and they and the rest of the scenery around her island home often inspire her in her artwork. She is a watercolour painter and she likes to indulge in her artwork when she's not busy entertaining guests or exploring other parts of the islands, both things she does often.

As a lover of nature and wildlife, Cacilia points out that her beachside guest house is a wonderful place to bird watch as well as spot other kinds of wildlife. Cacilia feels very blessed to be surrounded by the pristine beauty of the islands and finds herself feeling sorry for people who have never experienced Haida Gwaii's surroundings.

40293 Hwy 16
Tlell, BC V0T 1Y0


Open year-round. Please call for reservations or information or visit Website.

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