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The Terrace Real Estate Company is a locally and independently owned real estate brokerage, bound together by experienced agents and staff who live and are personally invested in Terrace and the surrounding region. They provide their clients with the assurance of honest service and an intimate familiarity with the area. The Terrace Real Estate Company works with residential and commercial clients looking to “Move up, Move on or Move around,” providing skilled contract writing, negotiation and marketing services as well as financial, inspection and insurance guidance to companies that will help them in their search for their next home or investment.

Meet Shannon McAllister, Owner/Managing Broker

Meet Shannon McAllister, Owner/Managing Broker

Relationships are central to the real estate business, and forming relationships in a small town like Terrace happens easily and naturally. “The clients that I've met and the relationships that have grown within my business make it what it is today,” says Shannon McAllister. Without the hustle and bustle that one finds living in a big city, there is simply more time to connect with people. The people who live in Terrace are friendly and open and always willing to take the time to stop and chat when they meet on the streets, in the stores and in the coffee shops around town.

Terrace is a town rich with many desirable characteristics that make it a wonderful place to live. “Amenities are close,” notes Shannon, “so getting out and enjoying what Terrace has to offer is at your doorstep.” Also at everyone’s doorstep is a vast natural playground which she calls breathtaking. “What Mother Nature has in our area is key to the enjoyment that we get being here. You don't have to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy the outdoors. A walk on our trails, a stroll around the town or a drive to the local spots such as the farmer's market, ferry island, our local rivers and lakes...there is more than just shopping to enjoy.” One of her favourite ways to enjoy Terrace’s outdoors is by biking, spending time at the lake or just taking in the views while relaxing on her deck.

When she started her business in 2010, she was excited to explore the opportunity to be independent and to put her own ideas to work in a real estate setting. She had a passion for and strong belief in her community and wanted to reflect that in the way she did business and sold real estate. Being independent has allowed her to better meet the needs that are unique to Terrace and its real estate buyers and sellers. It allowed her to contribute in a more meaningful way to the community through the business’ donation program, which was a great success. She is proud of her team of hard-working agents and staff and their like-minded dedication to Terrace and its people.

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