The Pilgrims Projects

Construction & Renovations-Design & Architecture

The Pilgrims Projects is a home-building construction company that offers carpentry services on various levels. Owner Matt has over 10 years of home-building and home-renovating experience and is fully insured.

The Pilgrims Projects provides free work estimates and is committed to understanding the vision of their clients. They provide continuity of oversight with reliable local sub-trades and are dedicated to superior craftsmanship.

The Pilgrims Projects is approachable and transparent and Matt welcomes your inquiries on construction projects both large and small.

Meet Matt Beukema

Meet Matt Beukema

Matt loves going exploring all around the Telkwa area with his wife Hilary and their children. He likes that Telkwa is unpretentious. "What you see is what you get," said Matt. He also notes that Telkwa residents are down to earth and friendly. "Generally speaking," noted Matt, "people are more eager to engage with one another in positive ways."

Matt feels that Telkwa has a lot to offer locally without having to go to other communities. Telkwa has an abundance of children too, stating, "evidently, many people agree that Telkwa is a wonderful place to start and raise a family."

Matt chose to start his construction business, The Pilgrims Projects, in Telkwa because he had an existing network of contacts in the community through previous employers, schools and churches. He enjoys the flexibility that being an entrepreneur allows and has felt supported by the local community. He's loved getting to know his neighbours and the residents of Telkwa through his work. Matt appreciates that his work enables big and small construction dreams to become a reality for his clients.

Matt believes we are all on a journey. "Life is a journey of building and sometimes letting go; of mentoring and being guided by those who have gone before," said Matt, "and it is a spiritual journey spiritually coming to understand ourselves as part of a bigger story." Matt thinks of himself as a pilgrim happily learning to make his heart a home in Telkwa.

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