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Sacred Bear Soaps helps to share the legend of the Spirit Bear while preserving its precious habitat. Sacred Bear Soaps are made from natural ingredients like goats milk and sourced locally in an effort to promote sustainability. Each bar of soap is a beautiful piece of artwork featuring an original aboriginal depiction of the Spirit (Kermode) Bear gazing up at Ursa Major. The Spirit Bear is native to the central and north coastal areas of BC and is an important part of aboriginal legend and BC’s cultural heritage.

Sacred Bear Soaps are available locally at the “Bulkley Valley Farmers’ Market”:

Meet Kala Hooker

Meet Kala Hooker

Kala Hooker had been in the soap-making business for years along with her mother (Tree Frog Soaps) when she decided that she wanted to do something to raise awareness of the Spirit (Kermode) Bear. "The Spirit Bear plays an important role in our cultural heritage," Kala points out. The rare white bear is native to BC and is the focal point of local aboriginal lore. With her experience in soap-making and business, she decided to create a soap product that would tell the Spirit Bear's story and raise money to help preserve its habitat here in BC. Spirit Bear Soaps are currently sold all over BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Kala and her husband moved to Smithers with their children in 2009. Previously they lived in Vancouver on a sailboat while they pursued their education. But their dream was always to live in a small community and own farmland so when they finished school they chose Smithers. They felt it was the ideal location because of its low cost of living, abundance of farmland, beautiful scenery and wealth of recreational and service opportunities.

Their goal as a family is to become self-sustaining, and they're on their way with their small farm. They work hard to shop local and eat and use locally-produced goods. Kala also uses locally-sourced ingredients for her soap production. She and her husband are active in the community and love the people who live here. Kala enjoys being able to sell her soap at the Bulkley Valley Farmers Market because it allows her to have face-to-face interactions with the people who use it and to incorporate their feedback into her company.

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