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Philodendron Wood and Works is an eco-conscious building company that loves wood and the trees that produce it. All wood used in the company’s projects comes from local trees or has been salvaged from past building projects. A master craftsman, Colin Macleod believes strongly in managing wood as a precious resource, and his projects include genuine wood floors, furniture, cabinets, wood finishing, vanities, counters, wood siding and shingling, decks, custom gates and pergolas. High quality craftsmanship and artistry goes into every project. The company’s name is derived from the word “philodendron” which means “tree-loving.”

Meet Colin Macleod

Meet Colin Macleod

Colin Macleod has a deep appreciation of wood and local trees and wanted to showcase local wood in a way that was both meaningful and sustainable. Colin trained as a log-builder and custom wood finisher, but is as much an artist as a builder and is passionate about building things that are as elegant as they are functional. "I enjoy working with my heart, head, and hands to create beautiful and lasting works," says Colin of the things he has built over the years that range in size from small furniture and wood trim to pergolas and wood siding for homes. Colin's love for trees and passion for community drives him to serve as Director/Co-Chair of Wetzin'kwa Community Forest, in the Telkwa Community Initiatives Society, and as a keen member of Telkwa's Birchwood Co-housing Society.

Colin's work isn't the only part of his life that revolves around the outdoors. He also likes to play outside with his family whenever he gets the chance. They especially enjoy swimming at the beach on the Telkwa River. For Colin, Telkwa is home and is the ideal place to raise his family. He also appreciates its stunning natural beauty. But most of all, says Colin, it's the friendly people that live here that really make Telkwa what it is.

As for business in Telkwa, Colin is positive about the future. "There is so much potential," he says. He adds that there seem to be more creative young entrepreneurs making things happen in Telkwa and keeping the business scene vibrant.

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