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Birchwood Cohousing is a unique approach to living and home-ownership and one of a growing number of cohousing communities in BC. Birchwood Cohousing offers a traditional model of home ownership combined with community-centred, cooperative living in a multi-generational environment. Cohousing embraces the principles of energy-efficient technologies, resident-designed homes, sustainable agriculture, a light footprint and caring for each other. Residents will build/have built a home on a small lot which they will own. They will also share title to all common assets including a common house with kitchen (suitable for community meals, meetings and other gatherings), gardens and orchard, outbuildings, trails and green spaces. Birchwood Cohousing sits on a sunny bench bordering Tyhee Provincial Park and offers stunning views of the Babine, Blunt, Hudson Bay and Telkwa mountain ranges. It is within walking distance of the river and the charming village of Telkwa and its services and amenities, including Telkwa Baeckerei Kaffeehaus, an authentic German bakery and cafe.

Birchwood Cohousing is a member of the Canadian Cohousing Network.

Meet The Birchwood Co-Housing Members

Meet The Birchwood Co-Housing Members

Birchwood Cohousing began as an idea shared between friends, a dream of a cooperative community. Based on Danish cohousing models, they envisioned that it would be intentionally planned and that all members would have equal input into its design. They want it to embrace principles of green, sustainable living. They want to recreate the old-fashioned neighbourhood, where children were welcome and nurtured, where they can play and grow in a safe, secure environment. And they want it to be a place where residents could age in place, surrounded by people who would look out for each other.

The dreams of creating Birchwood Cohousing began in 2013 and the society was formed in early 2014. Pursuing their vision, they intend to build a 20-home community on a beautiful site, nestled in trees with views of a rolling hay field, a birch grove and mountain vistas in all directions. The group is grateful for the support from Village of Telkwa council and staff and today is moving forward with plans to build. They are excited about the vast potential of this unique local project.

The concept of cohousing is not new, but is being explored in greater numbers in communities across Canada. Its benefits are numerous, including the ability to live in a close-knit community while still maintaining autonomy and a sense of privacy, the ability to have an equal voice in the collaborative planning of the community and its future, living with shared values such as environmental sustainability and food production and access to shared resources.

1 Ave and Hubert St
Telkwa, BC V0J 2N6


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