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Calderwood Realty is Smithers’ oldest real estate office, tracing its history back to the origin of the town itself. While much has changed about the town and its real estate since its inception in the 1930’s, one thing that hasn’t changed is Calderwood Realty’s commitment to and connection with the local community. Calderwood Realty has been locally owned and independently operated since it first opened, giving it the unique ability to shape itself according to the needs of the community, and allowing it to flex, change and grow along with Smithers itself. With several licensed real estate agents, all of whom have deep ties to Smithers, clients get the assurance of working with a realtor who not only knows the community but who also has a personal stake in the local economy. Calderwood Realty also has offices in Houston and Hazelton, and their agents and employees are just as committed to their communities as the staff at the Smithers office.

Calderwood Realty is a member of the Smithers Chamber of Commerce and the BC Northern Real Estate Board.

Meet John Butler (Owner) & the Realtors & Staff of Calderwood Realty

Meet John Butler (Owner) & the Realtors & Staff of Calderwood Realty

John Butler had been a local realtor and appraiser for many years when he purchased Calderwood Realty in 2007. Having owned and operated real estate companies before, he had a keen eye for a good business concept, and one that had been deeply entrenched in the fabric of the community for more than 75 years seemed like a smart investment.

John has a philosophy of mentoring the agents that work in the office, particularly the younger ones who are newer to the profession. Managing broker Casda Thomas notes that the Calderwood team of agents is a particularly strong one because of this and that many of the agents have been with Calderwood for years.

Casda is particularly proud of the fact that the agency has been around for so long in spite of the fact that it has no chain affiliation. It is a perfect example of how a small, independent business can defy the odds and make a niche in a business scene that is filled with franchises and chain stores. Casda and John are also proud of the fact that all of its agents and staff members are deeply committed to their community. Every single one volunteers with at least one community organization, and Calderwood as a whole supports many local groups too. None of this would be possible without the support of its loyal customers. "We have such a great group of people who live here and support local businesses, and local business owners do a great job of customer service and deserve people's support," says Casda.

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