Tony Greene Multi Media Haida Artist


Tony Greene is an accomplished Haida artist, skilled at working with a variety of mediums. Tony is well-known throughout the Skidegate community for his metal carvings, pencil drawings and paintings on argillite and wood carvings. Drawing upon his heritage and culture, Tony creates authentic Haida imagery that is thought-provoking and inspiring. Tony has been an artist for most of his life, but began concentrating on Haida art when he moved to Haida Gwaii as a young teen. Some of Tony’s works can be viewed in places around Haida Gwaii, including the Haida Heritage Centre. Tony Greene is available for commission work.

Meet Tony Greene

Meet Tony Greene

Tony Greene has been artistic for as long as he can remember. As a child, Tony liked to draw and especially to create his own comics. As a teenager, he developed a keen interest in muscle cars (today he owns one of his own) and began drawing them for a hobby. It was during his teen years that he moved from Vancouver Island back to his hometown on Haida Gwaii. Upon his return home, he started focusing his skills on traditional Haida art. In addition to drawing, Tony paints Haida images on all kinds of things, like drums, wood carvings and woven cedar.

Tony took up the art of metal carving in 2000 and found he had a passion for this particular medium. Most of the work he does these days is metal carving, and his work is in high demand both on and off the island. Most of his work ends up in private collections, but he has also shown his work at the All Islands' Art Show. Much of the inspiration for his work comes from his island surroundings, particular places like Skg' Gwaaii (Ninstints), which he refers to as "Heaven."

Tony is actually a logger by profession but plans to retire in a few years. He is looking forward to retirement so that he will be able to work on his art full-time. Until then, he spends his work days logging and his off-hours creating art. He also spends time volunteering with the Skidegate elders and, if he can squeeze it in, likes to get out on the golf course from time to time.

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