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Artist Frank Russ celebrates his Haida heritage through his artwork. Taught and mentored by a family member when he was a child, Frank has spent decades honing his carving skills and has worked on many projects, including traditional bentwood boxes, masks, totem poles, headdresses, canoes and paddles. Russ Traditional Woodwork also provides custom wood carving and artisan woodwork services. Special orders and commissions welcome.

Meet Frank Russ

Meet Frank Russ

Frank Russ has always had artistic talent. His cousin taught him to draw and paint when he was very young. The next step in the progression of his artistic skills was learning to carve, taking his drawings and bringing them to life in wood. He spent a lot of time perfecting his techniques during those early years.

As Frank grew older he found himself busy with life and work and devoted less and less time to art. It wasn't until his days as a Haida Watchman that his passion for art really took hold of him. Frank is a nature lover, and during his watchman shifts while surrounded by nature he would find all kinds of inspiration. He did many drawings during those times. He also began carving seriously again and has worked on all kinds of different projects in the ensuing years. These days Frank's job keeps him busy for most of the week, but he still tries to find time to carve whenever he is able.

Frank still feels deeply connected to the land and to nature in Haida Gwaii. One of his favourite places is the Yakoun River. Many of his works depict nature themes. When Frank is not working or carving, he can often be found spending time with his grandson.

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