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The Long House Gift Shop is filled with treasures that offer visitors a little taste of Haida Gwaii to take home. The quaint shop is housed in a building fashioned after a traditional Haida longhouse and packed with local Haida artwork, handcrafts and Haida Gwaii clothing. Visitors will be dazzled by authentic Haida masks, argillite and wood carvings, hand-made gold and silver jewellery, weaving, original artwork and prints. The Long House Gift Shop also carries a large selection of souvenir Haida Gwaii t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and scarves. Commemorate your Haida Gwaii visit and enjoy the friendly hospitality and authentic atmosphere of the Long House Gift Shop.

Meet Rose Russ

Meet Rose Russ

Rose Russ has made her home on Haida Gwaii for her whole life. She graduated from Daajing Giids Secondary School, started her gift shop business in 1987, and raised her family here. "It has everything I could possibly need or want, " says Rose of Skidegate and Haida Gwaii in general.

Rose particularly loves nature and the flora and fauna and elements that are so distinctively Haida Gwaii. In the summer she can often be found enjoying the outdoors from the vantage point of her garden. An avid fisherman, she also tries to get out onto the Tlell River when she can.

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