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Wake up to an aromatic cup of coffee or hot steamed espresso beverage and a fresh-baked muffin at Jags Beanstalk. Guests can also grab a full, bistro-style breakfast or lunch made from Jags Beanstalk’s original gourmet recipes and local ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a meal or just a casual place to hang out, Jags Beanstalk’s friendly and professional baristas are waiting to serve you.

If you’re visiting on Haida Gwaii, Jags Beanstalk has four comfortable and affordable guest rooms to choose from. Each guest room features relaxing decor, comfy beds with duvets, TV and WiFi. Laundry facilities are available and guests looking for an outdoor adventure can rent bikes or kayaks to explore the area up close.

Meet Jags & Sue Brown

Meet Jags & Sue Brown

Jags Brown (centre) grew up on Haida Gwaii and feels deeply connected to the island and the natural setting it's made up of. Jags and his wife, Sue (left), rarely end their day without taking a walk on Spirit Lake Trail, a ritual that helps them feel grounded, connected and peaceful. They often encourage their guests to check it out, especially those who are visiting Haida Gwaii. Jags and Sue have a love for all things outdoors, and when they aren't busy working they try to get outside and hike, go fishing or work in their garden and always enjoy the stunning views available everywhere on the island. "It's one of the most beautiful magical places on earth," Jags says.

Jags Beanstalk is very much a family affair. Jags and Sue are hands-on in running it along with their daughter, Khataya. They're proud of the quality of the food and coffee and motivated by their passion for serving dishes that are not only delicious but also healthy, fresh and local. They're just as committed to their hotel guests, striving to provide clean and cozy accommodations and attentive service. Most of all, they love connecting with people, which is why they chose the service industry in the first place. "We like and believe in the products and services we provide," Jags says, "and we enjoy meeting new people and connecting with local communities, and we love working with people who share the same values as we do."

Jags and his family feel Haida Gwaii has a bright future. "We like the direction that Haida Gwaii is going with its diverse economic growth," Jags notes. The family has already seen an increase in tourism in recent years and they are excited to be a part of a vibrant and sustainable local economy.

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