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Danny is the Operations Supervisor for Highlander Marine. He is a professional mariner and is certified to operate vessels of up to 60 tons. Danny’s friend and workmate, Trent Moraes, is the Manager for Highlander Marine. Trent is Haida and holds a Small Vessel Operator Proficiency certification with years of marine experience. “I’m lucky to have Trent,” said Danny, ” we have a great working relationship and he is a good friend.”

Highlander Marine’s high-speed catamaran landing craft can transport crews, large and small equipment, vehicles, freight and more! Their aluminum vessels are custom built to meet all Transport Canada passenger and freight regulations, and best handle the weather and sea conditions of the north coast and Haida Gwaii.

Meet Danny Robertson & Nika Collison

Meet Danny Robertson & Nika Collison

Husband and wife, Danny Robertson and Nika Collison have a strong connection to the ocean. It made sense for them to start a business that involved what they love - the land, the people and the water.

Highlander Marine Services is a marine freight and passenger transport business. They also assist with project logistics and transport planning for island projects large and small. They love operating their business on Haida Gwaii. "You have more intimate relationships with your customers by virtue of living in a small community and relying on each other in many different ways," said Danny. "When we work with our people, we get to see the positive results of the work we do, there's a real sense of accomplishment."

Danny and Nika know the value of a healthy young population and are proud to support Swan Bay and T'aalag Stl'ang Youth Rediscovery Program through the services of Highlander Marine.


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