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The Haida Gwaii Museum offers a fascinating look into Haida Gwaii culture from All-Island perspectives that explores; Haida knowledge, scientific information, natural specimens, oral history and art all blend together in a fluid and constantly changing exhibit context. Scott Marsden, Museum curator says the Museum works “collaboratively with communities and organizations to provide an inspiring and holistic learning experience of all things Haida Gwaii.”

The Haida Gwaii Museum has a temporary visual arts gallery that features exhibitions by local and international artists. The Haida Gwaii Museum also offers changing public programs focusing on Haida art and culture, and hosts events on contemporary issues pertinent to Haida Gwaii.

Meet the Haida Gwaii Museum

Meet the Haida Gwaii Museum

The Haida Gwaii Museum encompasses the inseparable relationship to the land, the sea and the supernatural – that which gives Haida Gwaii its incomparable natural and cultural character. The Haida Gwaii Museum opened in 1976 at Second Beach in Skidegate and has gained an international reputation for its extensive collection of Haida historical objects, contemporary art, archives and natural history collection.

The Museum's Curator, Scott Marsden, is proud of the ongoing work with Elders to promote the learning and preservation of Xaayda Kil, the Haida language. Scott points out that the permanent exhibitions in the museum feature a world-class collection of Haida art spanning the late 1700s through to today, including the works of Bill Reid, Robert Davidson, James Hart, Isabel Rorick, Evelyn Vanderhoop, Charles Edenshaw, and many other talented artists. The museum houses an extensive photographic archive of Haida Gwaii’s people and places as well as a natural history collection. A favourite visitor exhibit is the pole gallery with ancient poles from Tanu and Skedans.

Museum exterior photo credit: Haida Gwaii Museum - Jason Shafto

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