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Experience authentic Haida culture along with some of the world’s best fishing on your Haida Fishing Charters expedition.

Your journey begins in Queen Charlotte where you’ll meet your Haida fishing guide. You’ll travel along the Skidegate Narrows to the west coast of the island where you’ll find some of the best saltwater fishing in the northern hemisphere.

You’ll get glimpses of wildlife, sea life and birds as well as narrative and anecdotes of the area’s history and the Haida people who have called this place home for thousands of years. Your Haida guides know all the sweet fishing spots which are teeming with Pacific salmon of every variety on their way to B.C.’s coastal rivers.

Haida Fishing Charters is completely Haida owned and operated and is fully committed to providing guests with the ultimate saltwater fishing adventure.

Meet the Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation

Meet the Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation

Haida Fishing Charters has been operated by the Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation for more than a decade. It is a Haida owned and operated fishing charter company based in Skidegate and guests who come for the renowned Haida Gwaii salmon fishing will also get a lesson in Haida culture and history while they fish.

Sara Pryce is the business manager and is in charge of day-to-day operations at the office as well as marketing and public relations. Haida Fishing Charters is one of the several entities that the Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation operates, including the Haida Heritage Centre. One of the company's goals is to promote Skidegate as a destination. "There are a lot of great businesses here and lots of things to do," says Sara, and the Haida who live here are eager to share their culture with visitors. "All of our guides are Haida," Sara adds, "and they are connected to the land and the waters here and able to provide guests not just with insightful information about fishing but also real background about the region. Guests come away with more than fish... they come away with stories and with a new appreciation for the area."

Skidegate is a very family-oriented community and Sara is grateful to be able to raise her family here. She points out that there are many things for families to do (like fishing) and ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful beaches. Sara herself is all about family, and she spends a lot of time with her big extended family when she's not working.

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