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No visit to the Haida Heritage Centre and Haida Gwaii Museum is complete without a stop at the Haida Gwaii Museum Gift Shop (Gina DaahlGahl Naay – Trading House). Guests will get lost in authentic Haida culture as they peruse the museum’s extensive collection of books on topics ranging from Haida history and culture to personal stories and Haida encounters. The museum also carries a diverse selection of original, authentic Haida artwork, souvenirs and gifts. Commemorate your visit to Haida Gwaii or purchase a unique gift for someone else. With items in every price range, there’s no need to leave empty-handed.

Meet The Haida Gwaii Museum Gift Shop Manager

Meet The Haida Gwaii Museum Gift Shop Manager

The Haida Gwaii Museum at the Haida Heritage Centre gives visitors a glimpse into Haida Gwaii’s past and the people who have inhabited the island for thousands of years. Guests of the Centre almost always end their visit with a stop in the gift shop where they are greeted by friendly local staff who are knowledgeable about Haida history, culture, and art.

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