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Haida artist Geoff Greene draws upon his heritage and his artistic upbringing to create images that evoke a sense of timeless tradition. Using modern materials like glass as well as ancient ones, like the argillite that has been indigenous to Haida Gwaii for centuries, Geoff Greene conveys his impression of and deep connection to his culture. Geoff has worked with many mediums and art forms over the decades, but today focuses much of his attention on acrylic and multi-media paintings. His work has been exhibited in galleries throughout BC, including Coastal People’s Fine Art Gallery in Vancouver and Sitka Studio in Tlell. His work has also been featured in the All Islands Art Show. Geoff Greene is available for commission work.

Meet Geoff Greene

Meet Geoff Greene

Geoff Greene was born on Haida Gwaii, but left the islands as a youngster. He moved around a lot during his childhood and spent time living on Vancouver Island and in Vancouver. As an adult, Geoff found himself longing to re-connect with his past and his Haida heritage, so he moved back to Haida Gwaii and settled in Skidegate. It was a turning point both in his life and in his art. Though he had always been artistic (he credits his mother and grandmother for his artistic skill), being back home that inspired him anew. "There is something about the light here," says Geoff, "it's different than in other places where I lived." Geoff often finds himself drawn to colors, whether it is the distinctive brilliant blue of the north coast sky or the unusual hues of a rock. Some of his previous works depict the colours that he has experienced on Haida Gwaii.

Geoff has worked with all kinds of different mediums throughout his lifetime. As a youngster, much of his artistry was devoted to carving. To carve, he would have to start with a design, which he would draw. Later, he found himself doing more drawings just for the sake of drawing, not necessarily to create designs for carvings. He also began painting, and these days this is what he loves to do more than anything else.

When he is not busy working, Geoff can often be found outdoors. One of his favourite activities is food-gathering. In fact, the wonderful natural food resources are one of Geoff's reasons for returning to Haida Gwaii. "We have so much natural food here," he says. Like his passion for art, his affinity for wild food also stems from his mother, Roberta Olson, who is a well-known Haida chef who specializes in traditional dishes using wild and local foods.

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