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Master Carver Garner Moody began carving at a young age and his talent and skill quickly became evident among his peers. He was mentored by a number of Haida artists throughout his career, including Alfred Collinson, Rufus Moody, Giitsxaa, Nelson Cross, Ding (Melvin) Hutchingson and Bill Reid. Garner has worked with a variety of mediums over the years, including wood, argillite, gold, silver. His work is well-known throughout the islands and has been sold around the world.

One of his most notable and culturally significant works is the Ts’aahl pole, one of a series of six, which currently stands at the Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate. Garner Moody exhibits and sells his work in galleries throughout BC, including Silvertalks Silver Gallery in Vancouver, the Coastal People’s Fine Arts Gallery in Vancouver, Lattimer Gallery in Vancouver, Spirits of the West Coast Gallery in Courtney and the Pegasus Gallery on Salt Spring Island.

Meet Garner Moody

Meet Garner Moody

Garner Moody spent his childhood years in Haida Gwaii where he was introduced to traditional Haida art and techniques at a young age. His artistic family, which includes his uncle and well-known carver Rufus Moody, encouraged his talent and skill, which progressed from drawing to carving. Garner was carving in argillite by the age of 15.

As a young adult, Garner left Haida Gwaii for Vancouver to pursue further training and development in art. He studied and learned under several mentors, including Nelson Cross, Ron Wilson, Alfie Collinson and Clayton Gladstone. He was eventually invited to help work on Bill Reid's famous 'Lootaas' canoe.

Garner eventually returned to Haida Gwaii and his roots. "It's my home," he says and notes that it is an ever-present source of inspiration for his art work. "It gives me everything," he adds, not just inspiration, but also the essentials and the source of life, like food. He has a tremendous respect for and connection to the outdoors and all of its elements. Garner has participated in many community art projects, including the carving of the six poles representing the six southernmost Haida villages in Haida Gwaii which now stand at the Haida Heritage Centre. When he is not carving, he is out in nature, or doing his favourite thing of all... spending time with his family.

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