Denise Russ


Denise Russ is a traditional Haida weaver who has a passion for weaving culture and history into every piece. Her works include cedar roses, bracelets, hats, earrings and other items significant within the Haida culture. Denise is also a weaving instructor who has taught and mentored other well-known Haida weavers. Her work has been exhibited and sold in galleries and museums throughout Haida Gwaii, including the Tlell House, Crystal Cabin Gallery, the Sandspit Visitors Centre and the Daajing Giids Visitors Centre. Denise Russ is available for commission work.

Meet Denise Russ

Meet Denise Russ

Denise Russ first learned the traditional art of cedar weaving more than 15 years ago. The Ngystle Society was offering free weaving classes, thanks to a special grant, in an effort to promote ancient Haida arts and culture. There was a big demand for the class, and Denise was waitlisted for awhile before finally getting in. Once she did, she devoured the instruction that was offered, taking lots of notes, practicing at home and even learning new things on her own. She discovered quickly that she had a true passion for weaving, and while others who took the class with her have since lost interest, Denise is still going strong today.

Denise works a full-time job and wishes she had more time to devote to weaving. Still, she usually has some kind of project in the works, either something for herself or something that a customer has ordered. Denise has done many different kinds of projects, and some of her artwork has ended up in museums or as part of a dance group's traditional costume. Denise has also taught weaving in various capacities over the years and especially enjoys teaching school children this traditional art form.

Denise's culture is very important to her. Her Haida Gwaii home is very much intertwined with that culture. "It's the best place on earth!" she declares. When she isn't busy working or weaving, she likes to spend time outdoors, harvesting wild food or walking on the beach and just enjoying all that nature has to offer.

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