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Multi-disciplined artist Michael Mayr shares his passion for traditional arts, music and wilderness living through Archer Arts. A natural and learned outdoorsman, Michael combines his wilderness experiences with his artistic training and years of skill development to create tools that are works of art. Mayr is proficient at carving wood and other natural materials, wood work, glass work, leather work, forging and sculpting, and he is well-known for his bow building and arrow making skills.

Archer Arts offers workshops and lessons in a variety of visual art forms, both traditional and contemporary. It also offers music lessons, outdoor education and outdoor survival skills workshops. Workshops are offered both at Archer Arts studio and on-site for groups and individuals. Sign-making and memorial headstone carving services are also available. Custom orders and commissions welcome.

“Love for the essentials of life: simple living, music, art and traditional knowledge.”

Meet Michael Mayr

Meet Michael Mayr

Michael Mayr grew up in an artistic family, so it was destiny that he too would become proficient in the arts. His earliest arts experiences were in music. Michael's mother, uncle and grandfather studied music and were influential in his own pursuit of music. Michael began playing the trumpet at age six. Later on, he developed a passion for the visual arts, and as a young adult he applied to and was accepted at Schnitzschule Oberammergau, the finest German school for wood carving and sculpting. He studied numerous art forms there, including drawing, sculpting, painting, stone work, wood work, glass work, carving and several others. During his time in Oberammergau, Michael studied with Ernst Bierling and learned the art of building traditional bows and arrows and other traditional arts such as forging, flint knapping and leather work.

Michael grew up with a deep feeling of connection to the outdoors, a factor that would later merge with his artwork. He learned outdoor survival skills and applied this knowledge to his traditional arts discipline. This, too, was part of his destiny, as his grandfather and his grandmother's brother were carvers.

Michael moved to Haida Gwaii to expand and mature his skills, both as an artist and an outdoor survivalist. "It's a magnificent place to live and create," says Michael, and the fact that Haida Gwaii communities are small and close knit makes life and work a much more personal experience. Art and music continue to play a central role in Michael's life. When he is not actively creating art, he's usually outdoors, going fishing, hunting, or gathering wild food or natural materials for his next project. He also works as a Preparator Installation Technician and mount maker for the Haida Gwaii Museum as well as Vancouver Art Gallery and periodic contracts with the UBC Museum of Anthropology.

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