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All About U Arts is a gallery and workshop run by contemporary Haida artist, Ben Davidson. Specializing in the finest quality Haida art, the gallery showcases high-end pieces that depict Haida culture and history. From traditional to contemporary, original to reproductions, viewers will find themselves immersed in the rich lineage of art that goes back millennia. Visitors and residents alike will find themselves mesmerized by Haida images inside the modern gallery overlooking the pristine and inspiring Skidegate inlet.

Meet Ben Davidson

Meet Ben Davidson

Life for Haida artist Ben Davidson revolves around his children, art and the outdoors. At any given time you'll probably find him outside, creating his next art piece, spending time with his kids or even doing all three at once. Haida Gwaii is Ben's lifelong home and he is deeply connected to both the people and to the land. The island lifestyle allows him to do the things that are most important to him. After all, there aren't many places on earth where you can go paddle boarding on your lunch break. "I love that I can bike to work with my kids," says Ben, who also likes to kite-board and do cross-fit training. "Anything to train both body and mind!"

Ben is proud of his art gallery and the work that is showcased there. He displays both his own work as well as works of other Haida artists, and he is particularly pleased to have the ability to provide exposure for young, up-and-coming artists. He also enjoys the everyday challenges that come with working for oneself. "I can do what I want, when I want to," Ben says. "It's up to me to succeed or fail, so, no excuses." He displays the same fervor and competitive attitude toward his work and his art that he does in his pursuit of athletics and activity.

Ever the optimist, Ben believes that Haida Gwaii in general and Skidegate, in particular, is bursting with opportunity when it comes to business and the economy. "I think there is great potential moving forward," Ben declares, "particularly with small businesses. People see this place as a place of opportunity." He adds, "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity."

248 Hwy 16
Skidegate, BC V0T 1S1


June through September:
Monday to Saturday
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

October through May:
By Appointment

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