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The Salt Cart is home to a tantalizing variety of natural specialty food products as well as delightful products for nurturing your body.

It carries several Wild Coast Edibles natural and sustainably-harvested foods like sea salt, dried mushrooms and mint tea. The Salt Cart also sells Wild Coast Naturals hand balms as well as handmade artisan soaps from Anchor Soap Company and other hard-to-find products.

Meet Cathy Baran

Meet Cathy Baran

"Though many of Haida Gwaii's visitors associate the islands with its miles of stunning, pristine beaches, there is much more to this place," notes Cathy Baran. It also boasts some spectacular mountains, like Mount Moresby, Haida Gwaii's second highest peak, and Mosquito Mountain with its challenging and beautiful hiking trail. "They are amazing," says Cathy. Meeting visitors, some of whom have dreamed for decades of making the trip to these magical and mystical islands, is one of the fun parts of operating The Salt Cart.

For those who are lucky enough to call Haida Gwaii home, "it's an amazing place to live." There are always new places to explore and things to see. Cathy often takes in the incredible scenery while hiking or running. With the diverse terrain here comes the opportunity for wild-food gathering, both from within the forests as well as the ocean. Cathy enjoys getting outside to harvest delicious wild food.

What really makes Haida Gwaii special, though are its residents. They are friendly, caring and always willing to help out someone in need. They also have a deep commitment to Haida Gwaii's natural environment and work together to keep it natural, clean and unspoiled.

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