Sunfish Studio Pottery


Reflecting the essence of the rugged, coastal environment of Haida Gwaii, Sunfish Studio is a small-batch ceramic studio based in Sandspit. The functional, handmade pieces echo the slow, mindful, and deliberate pace of island life. The pieces also reflect the unique, island aesthetic achieved by incorporating natural colours, designs and textures, as well as local flora imprints and beach glass.

Sunfish Studio primarily focuses on kitchenware, tableware, and housewares. Their pots are designed with the intention of adding a bit of handmade, rustic pleasure to everyday meals.  The hope is that the pieces will be thoughtfully purchased, and not sit idle in a cupboard, but be used, loved, and enjoyed.

You can find Sunfish Studio at several shops on Haida Gwaii, as well as at the Moresby Market in Sandspit during the summer months.  Shipping off island is also available via an online shop.

Meet Amber Faktor

Meet Amber Faktor

For Amber, a sense of belonging often comes hand-in-hand with small towns, a notion that became utterly apparent when she relocated to the oceanside community from a larger city in 2012.

In the search for a winter hobby, she took up pottery lessons with renowned local artist, Nancy Hett of Moresby Mountain Pottery, and was quickly captivated with clay and the ceramic process. She continued those weekly, winter lessons, eventually also sharing studio space in Sandspit with another potter. Wanting to take her ceramic hobby to the next level, Amber felt the allure of entrepreneurship calling her name. She established a pottery business of her very own in the fall of 2018 and hasn't looked back. “If I'd stayed living in the city, I'd likely have followed a more predictable, career-focused path,” shares the potter. “Moving to a small town presented me with the opportunity to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit, and take a hobby and turn it into a feasible, small business.”

Aside from having an outlet to be creative and make beautiful items that people value and enjoy, Amber enjoys the learning, growth, and challenges that go along with being an entrepreneur - “Not only do you need to be proficient at your craft, you also need to learn the wide array of skills required to run a successful small business.”

When she's not busy in the studio, Amber can typically be found puttering around her garden or exploring the beautiful forests and coastlines of Haida Gwaii. She is also an avid fitness instructor, volunteer and committee member for numerous community non-profits. “I really enjoy that living in a remote community inspires a more self-sufficient, creative and deliberate way of life,” says Amber.


Contact Sunfish Studio Pottery for arranged viewings. Hours vary by season.