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Sandspit Bus creates ease of travel throughout various communities on Graham and Moresby Island. Operated as a chartered bus service requiring a reservation; adventure travellers, tour operators, individuals, and community members can access every area of the region, including remote points. Moresby Island charters include Copper Bay, Alliford Bay and Moresby Camp. Graham Island charters include Queen Charlotte, Skidegate, Tlell and Port Clements.

After purchase from a prior owner, Sandspit Bus has provided a reliable service since May of 2016. A minivan, passenger van, and bus are available for various travel needs with friendly and professional staff. The terminal point is based out of the Sandspit Inn, a convenient location for travellers.

The team is pleased to offer transportation services to Haida Gwaii – essential for keeping residents and tourists connected. Ask about daily rates and please contact at least 24 hours in advance to secure your booking.

Meet The Sandspit Community Society

Meet The Sandspit Community Society

The Sandspit Community Society has been promoting growth and tourism in the Sandspit region and surrounding area since 2012. Operated as a non-profit group, members make up the volunteer board of directors, working together with the aim of improving life for residents and tourists alike.

Society members have a passion for seeing the community thrive, knowing that Sandspit has a great deal to offer both visitors and residents, including access to the spectacular sights of Gwaii Haanas. Beauty is not the only alluring aspect of Sandspit, there is also a strong sense of community, melding all walks of life into one big happy family. Being culturally diverse allows Sandspit to shine, highlighting the unique talent and perspectives of the vibrant citizens.

Airport Rd
Sandspit, BC V0T 1T0


Please email to book your reservation.

24 hours notice required.