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Northern Shores Lodging & Catering is your comfortable, hospitable home away from home. Specializing in boarding for work crews, Northern Shores Lodging & Catering offers all of the comforts of home plus the option of meal catering (continental breakfast, bag lunches and full-course dinners) for short or longer-term stays. Services are flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of your company, crew or each individual. Enjoy warm service in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere in a spectacular island setting.

Meet Judy Hadcock

Meet Judy Hadcock

Judy has been a resident of Sandspit since 1981 and like many other islanders, she came for a visit and never left. Judy met her husband Bob in those early years, and in 2002 she purchased an apartment complex as a business opportunity. The building had originally been designed as a bunkhouse for loggers and work crews. Judy believed it still held great potential for its original purpose, so she and Bob, a logger and general handyman, converted it back into a boarding facility. Since then she has entertained work crews as well as travelers from all over B.C. and elsewhere.

Judy is proud to be able to tailor services to the individual and unique needs of her guests and the work crews that make their temporary homes with her. “I like having the ability to be versatile with the services I can provide,” Judy says. She gets a sense of joy and fulfillment from meeting people from far and wide and being able to extend her hospitality to her guests. “I thrive on treating my guests as though each person is the only guest I have, and their comfort is my top priority.”

Judy has always enjoyed the challenges of business ownership, however; recently she began making plans for retirement. She sold the business in January 2016 and agreed to continue managing the lodge for another five years. Judy says that the transition from entrepreneur to manager has been a good one, allowing her to operate the business that she has created while having the freedom to retire when she is ready.

Judy raised her family in the Sandspit area and says that Haida Gwaii is the only place she would call home. The relaxed pace of life and friendliness of the residents make it a wonderful place to live and a safe place for children. Combine that with the area’s spectacular scenery and Judy is happy to spend the rest of her life here.

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