Moresby Market (Sandspit Farmers Market)

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Moresby Market in Sandspit is more than just a place to get fresh veggies, although its selection of grown-on-Haida Gwaii produce is enough to bring in the masses from all around the islands. But Moresby Market is also about bringing people together, starting conversations and building a sense of community among islanders. While you get to know your fellow market-goers, you can pick out seasonal veggies grown by island farmers, indulge in a delicious home-baked treat (like Alvida’s “famous buns”), pick up some hand-crafted natural soap or other hand-made gifts, and learn more about local artisans. Some of the best talent on the island can be found each Sunday afternoon between 11 am and 1 pm at the Moresby Market, located at the ALM school field (or the gym during inclement weather) during the high season.

Do you “make it,” “bake it” or “grow it?” If so, you can join us as a vendor. Tables are free!

Meet Moresby Market Coordinator Amber Faktor

Meet Moresby Market Coordinator Amber Faktor

The Moresby Market is a grassroots effort to bring islanders as well as visitors together with local farmers, crafters and artists. Moresby Market is completely volunteer-run and driven. To date it has approximately eight vendors, with an average of 4-6 vendors on a given Sunday afternoon selling everything from fresh, locally-grown produce to delectable baking to artwork and hand-crafted items and gifts.

Amber Faktor is one of those vendors, and she's also the coordinator of the market. She got involved when the need arose for a new coordinator. Having had prior experience in other places with local markets and food initiatives, Amber thought the position would be a good fit for her. Amber enjoys the market atmosphere and the camaraderie and community spirit that it generates. "It's a fun, social atmosphere, and there is a good group of regular patrons who come and support whoever is selling, stay and mingle, drink coffee, bring their families. It's a great vibe when it all comes together!" she says.

Like the market's other regular vendors, Amber is proud of this community effort on the parts of both the vendors and the people who come to the market. "It is a really positive part of our community and I think that awareness and support of the market is slowly continuing to grow. I think that supporting local markets is incredibly important, especially in small towns," Amber states. "Not only do markets provide an opportunity for local commerce, creativity and increasing local social capital, they are also a hub for bringing residents and visitors together in a positive social atmosphere based on the mutually rewarding exchange of goods, conversation and ideas. These contribute both directly and indirectly to the health and vibrancy of the community. "

406 Copper Bay Rd
Sandspit, BC V0T 1T0


Sunday afternoons during the summer season
11:00 am - 1:00 pm