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Laura’s True North specializes in spectacular nature, wildlife and landscape photography. Photographer Laura Sample’s inspiration is her home on the pristine islands of Haida Gwaii. Surrounded by lush rain forest, rugged coast, sandy beaches, flowing rivers and ocean waves, Laura has an endless supply of subjects to photograph. Laura’s True North offers prints for sale including 5″ x 7″ photo cards, photoboard prints, canvas prints, framed, matted photos and limited edition photo books.

Meet Laura Sample

Meet Laura Sample

There's just something different, unique and almost mystical about Haida Gwaii. It is a paradise for a photographer who is deeply connected to the outdoors and the wildlife that inhabit it. Laura never runs out of things to photograph, and no two pictures are ever quite alike. The islands are always changing with the seasons and with the tides. "There is an abundance of wildlife, especially black bears, migrating birds and marine life from the ocean," says Laura. "They can be seen so often in their natural environment doing their natural activities."

She appreciates that so much of Haida Gwaii has remained untouched by human activity, giving rise to the sustainability of the creatures that have lived here for thousands of years. Laura notes that most everyone who lives here feels the same way she does about this magical place. Many have an appreciation and respect for the land and work together to keep it clean, healthy and thriving. Because of this, many people recognize and connect with Laura's images in some way.

Taking photographs is a lifestyle for Laura, and rarely does she venture outside without her camera. Laura's photography also features mainland British Columbia and Alberta. Aside from photography, Laura also enjoys weaving rag rugs on an 1830's barn beam loom, just as it would have been done during that era.

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