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Doll’s Woodworking manufactures high quality, hand-crafted knives and one of a kind jewellery. Customers will find unique and functional knives, beautiful scabbards as well as a variety of jewellery.

Sylvia Doll is a senior craftsman that utilizes bone, antler and muskox horn in her jewellery. Doll’s Woodworking crafts exceptional quality knives including kitchen knives, hunting knives, fishing knives and small personal knives. Sylvia uses only high-quality steel such as hammered steel, stainless steel or Damascus steel.

Please contact Sylvia at Doll’s Woodworking to set up a time to view her ever-changing collection of knives and jewellery.

Meet Sylvia Doll

Meet Sylvia Doll

Sylvia loves living in Sandspit where the tight knit community looks out for one another. "Everybody knows you and there's an acceptance of people for who they are," said Sylvia.

Every spot on Haida Gwaii is special and Sylvia enjoys the easy access to the outdoors that her hometown offers. She loves to get on her quad and go exploring. She enjoys beach combing, gathering wild food and learning from nature. "Curiosity for life keeps me young," Sylvia said. Her favourite beach is Dogfish Bay. "Hardly anyone goes there," she said, "and after a storm there are always new treasures to be found and when the sun shines on the bay it's like heaven."
Sylvia has held a number of jobs over the past 20 years while she established her woodworking business. She enjoys being an entrepreneur for the freedom to do what she wants when she wants to. Selling her specialty work to customers is rewarding and Sylvia is proud of the positive business reputation she has earned over the years. Locals know Sylvia and trust her products.

Doing business in a small town means that word of mouth recommendations travel fast. For Sylvia and her woodworking business, this quick communication chain is her very best advertising and she's grateful for the community support.

Sylvia believes Haida Gwaii has experienced an increase of entrepreneurs as people find a way to support themselves and keep themselves busy. She recommends visiting Dick's Wok Inn because she values the generous owner and also knows that the entire community of Sandspit appreciates him for who he is.

396 Park Rd
Sandspit, BC V0T 1T0


Please contact Sylvia for an appointment.