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Dotted through the forests of the Pacific Northwest and Haida Gwaii are some of Canada’s richest treasures- wild mushrooms. While intrepid folks may spend the occasional afternoon hunting the forest understory, Bush Foods has taken the hard work and turned it into their livelihood.

With over a decade of hands-on experience in the field foraging, drying and buying mushrooms, Rio and Jennie are bringing all they know into their small business. They spend months living and working in remote wilderness areas with their close crew of harvesters- friends that have become family. Wild landscapes range from the ashes of wildfire scar, to aurora borealis blanketed skies and the lush, mossy forests they call home on Moresby Island.

Bush Foods’ dried wild mushroom collection includes varieties such as Morels and locally harvested Haida Gwaii Golden Chanterelles. Twist it up and try the Smoked Chanterelles, or the Forest Medley containing exotic types such as Lobster and Pine mushrooms. Their mushroom powder shakers easily allow you to incorporate flavor and nutrition into your cooking.

All hand packaged by the owners, you can find their products in a variety of local retail outlets. Bush Foods are making the rare delicacy of wild mushrooms accessible to all.

Meet Rio and Jennie

Meet Rio and Jennie

Rio and Jennie have been involved in the wild mushroom industry for nearly a decade. They have vast experience in the wild mushroom industry from previous careers with large wholesale companies. Rio and Jennie decided to take that passion and turn it into their own small business, providing wild mushrooms both to their community and to other small retail outlets in their region. They love all that owning a small business brings, and especially enjoy the constantly changing environments of mushroom picking.
When they aren’t foraging or drying mushrooms, Rio and Jennie enjoy getting out in nature, hiking, kayaking and fishing.
Both Jennie and Rio love the support they have received from their peers and clients, and know how important small business are to the vitality of their region.