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Tanya Garland of Sun and Sage Yoga instructs a variety of different yoga styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Hatha Flow and Yin Yoga to help her clients enjoy all of the benefits of yoga. People dealing with chronic pain or recovering from the effects of chemotherapy or radiation are just a few of the ones who can experience improved health through regular yoga practice. In fact, regular yoga practice can benefit anyone of any fitness level and any age, helping them to experience their bodies and lives more fully.

Meet Tanya Garland

Meet Tanya Garland

Tanya Garland has been teaching yoga in Quesnel since 2008. She began using rented space in various locations. As her business grew she was able to purchase storefront space for a dedicated yoga studio which opened in 2013. Tanya is thrilled about her new studio which has allowed her to offer a broader range of services and classes as well as provide a permanent home for all of her equipment.

Tanya considers herself a lifelong learner and notes that running her own business gives her flexibility in planning her days so that she can incorporate further education. She regularly travels to places like Salt Spring Island to further her knowledge and understanding of the practice of yoga.

Tanya believes that her business would not be where it is today if it weren't for the people who live in Quesnel. She is grateful to her students whose continuing support helped her acquire a yoga studio. She is also grateful to her fellow business owners. "There is a very supportive atmosphere here in Quesnel for the independent business," says Tanya. "In my experience, the climate among new entrepreneurs is extraordinarily supportive, motivating and encouraging."

654 Reid St
Quesnel, BC V2J 2N2


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