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Ready for a cruise in the sun? Not without your riding gear you’re not!
Kick Stands Up Biker Shop has everything to cover you while you ride, including motorcycle riding gear, clothing, paraphernalia, jewellery, decor and the Nemesis Creation line made exclusively for Kick Stands Up.

The visionary’s at Kick Stands Up Biker Shop have grand plans for the future and are currently working to make the store not just a place to shop but also a destination for riders to visit, sit and socialize. Plans are also set in motion to put together an annual motorcycle show & shine and swap meet.

So before you head out on your next joyride, stop by Kick Stands Up Biker shop to get your journey started off right!

Meet Brenda McGilloway

Meet Brenda McGilloway

Brenda McGilloway has dreamed about becoming a store owner from the time she was a young girl. Until 2015, the entrepreneur says it was just never the right time to pursue her dreams. Now, even though she’s still a tad uncertain, she is willing to do what it takes to succeed.“I still don't know if it's the right time," says Brenda. "But I do know we had a need in the Quesnel biker community. I wanted to fill that gap to the best of my ability. My store may be small, but I try to provide as much as possible. If I don't have an item, I will try to get it!”
Brenda says she is most proud of her personally made line-Nemesis Creations but says the companionship is the best part of it all. “My favorite part about being an entrepreneur is the socializing!” She says.

“I love the personal experience of a small town. My husband and I can take hours to walk from one end of town to the other because of the many great people we know here! The laughter we love to share with our friends and acquaintances is the best feeling in the world next to riding!! “I chose to build my business in Quesnel because I live, love, laugh and ride here,” says Brenda. “There is nothing better than feeling the wind in your face as you ride down the highway! It doesn't matter how bad your day may be going when you get on your motorcycle and ride, it's like you just come alive and your soul is restored. That freedom is what I want to share with my community! I am a huge advocate for people of all walks of life to learn to ride and feel what I feel.”

Brenda expresses the stress release she feels with her riding, "If you've never experienced the thrill of riding a motorcycle I would highly recommend it!" She is proud to be part of a group of individuals that offers so much back to her community. “There are many organized motorcycle rides each year that raise money for specific local organizations." These organizations include Cops for Cancer-Kristen Nylen Memorial Ride, Annual Quesnel Charity Motorcycle Poker Run and the Jimmy Dunlop Motorcycle Toy Run.

“I have seen many businesses come and go throughout the years, especially small businesses," Brenda says. "I am always hearing people say how they wish this store or that store would be available in Quesnel but then when they do open, the store only lasts a few months. This is very disheartening. I would love to see more support for local buying from the little guys."

1737 Simpson Rd
Quesnel, BC V2J 6X4


10:30 am - 5:00 pm

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