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Beautiful edible bouquets made of chocolate covered strawberries, fruit, cookies, candy, marshmallows, veggies and now CAKE POPS!  So much more fun than flowers- and you get to eat these!

A huge hit at parties & get-togethers or the perfect pick me up for a sick friend or family member.

Weddings (as a gift or to put on the dessert table or centrepieces), baby shower, going away party, bridal shower, anniversary, retirement, birthday, you name it!

Meet Julie Giesbrecht

Meet Julie Giesbrecht

Julie Giesbrecht owns one of Quesnel's most unique businesses. In fact, she was honoured for her creativity and dedication when Julie's Edible Bouquets was named Quesnel's Home Based Business of the Year a few years ago. This is one of the things that makes going to work easy for Julie. But even more motivating than that, says Julie, is the thrill she gets from seeing the smiles on people's faces when she drops off one of her delicious and beautiful edible bouquets.

Julie remarks, "I've always said that 'you eat with your eyes first.'" So the key to Julie's success is creating a product that is both a work of art and a tasty, delectable treat. And though her business has only been around for a few years, it seems as though she's hit on a winning formula.

Julie notes that Quesnel is a wonderful place to do business because the community is so supportive of its business owners. Julie also believes strongly that the love needs to be reciprocated. Says Julie, business owners have a responsibility to "get involved and give back." Julie tries to embody this philosophy by randomly sponsoring her own business awards and by supporting local organizations such as the Child Development Centre, the Billy Barker Days Society, the Cancer Society, scouting and the North Cariboo Christian School.

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