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High Ground Natural Health and Healing is a natural wellness centre which provides services, education and products in support of health, wellness and healing. Available services consist of colon hydrotherapy, relaxation massage and meditation classes.

Experience a guided journey with a knowledgeable and experienced professional trained in holistic healing. Colon hydrotherapy is the only method for cleansing the bowels that safely removes the build-up of accumulated toxic material. Healthy bowel function has been proven to resolve bodily ailments, improving all aspects of one’s life. Colonics give the body the opportunity to heal faster and with greater efficacy. As an experienced digestive coach, Deb can work with you to create a cleansing program to meet your health-related goals.

“Anyone who wants to improve their health and happiness is a good candidate,” says Deb. The services offered are as much preventative as they are restorative. For Deb, cleansing is an essential part of healing any condition from cancer to depression and clients often see drastic changes with a few months of therapy. Meditation classes calm the senses, interrupt the stress cycle and promote attention to your inner sanctitude. “In order to discover greater health and wellness, change needs to start from within. Self-awareness has a way of pushing one forward to seek answers, find purpose and discover the freedom of authenticity.”

Deb works alongside her business partner Joe of High Ground Healing, offering a unique and complementary set of skills and services to effectively work with many facets of the whole person on an individual basis.

Meet Deb McKinnon

Meet Deb McKinnon

Deb McKinnon has been working in the field of holistic health for more than twenty years. Trained in Calgary, Alberta, Deb is certified in relaxation massage. Interested and motivated by the mind, body connection, Deb began learning different modalities of healing in order to be of greater value to her clients.

Reducing stress, healing past emotional trauma and an effective cleansing program go a long way to maintaining good health. When struck with health issues of her own several years ago, Deb took an aggressive alternative approach to healing. "Colon hydrotherapy restored my health," she says, "and the urge to help others made becoming a certified-Colon Hydrotherapist an easy and rewarding decision."

Deb and her business partner, Joe, established High Ground Natural Health and Healing as a personal endeavour to improve their own health and share their experience and success with their community. “Quesnel is my home,” says Deb "and being born and raised here, not only do I enjoy the sense of belonging and support, but also the beauty and simplicity of life. Country life, gardening, hiking and having time to spend with people I love, that’s what makes life amazing."

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