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“Experience an effective, alternative approach to healing the discomfort of living.”

High Ground Healing is a counselling practice that combines unique techniques in order to connect to deep-rooted emotions from past and current events. Experience the freedom resolution brings as various conditions are met head-on. High Ground Healing can help relieve and eradicate symptoms pertaining to depression, anxiety, grief, guilt, anger and beyond.

Effectively servicing Quesnel since 2006, High Ground Healing delivers impactful, introspective change for those ready to make a difference in their lives. The lead counsellor, Joe McKinnon, focuses his approach on family dynamics and the interplay between people. He also specializes in Shamanic-clearing techniques, an alternative approach that underscores calm energy healing.

High Ground Healing is an EFAP approved provider, offering services for families, couples and the individual. Children and teens have access to counselling therapy with the signed consent of their caregivers. Every client develops essential skills in self-awareness, communication and resolution, and practical living, all while maintaining personal core values and traditions. Your true self is never compromised.

Any topic of an emotional nature is worthy of High Ground Healing. Whether you are suffering from the hardships of relationship and family conflict, divorce and separation, intimacy issues, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, loss and trauma, suicide and crisis intervention, self-esteem and growth, take that life-saving step towards an empowered, new you!

High Ground Healing also offers various workshops and meditation groups for an improved sense-of-self. Consider taking part in their week-long In-Residence Program, which provides a thorough, life-changing intensive experience.

At High Ground Healing, allow your inner-spirit to feel free of pain and discomfort. Contact the office today for your appointment.

Meet Joe McKinnon

Meet Joe McKinnon

Joe McKinnon, along with his business partner Deb, shares a mutual love and passion for assisting others in need. For over two decades, he has intricately woven a professional web in the healing arts, including interests in hypnotherapy, self-transformation techniques, relationship dynamics, psychology, meditation and shamanism.

Beginning his practice in Red Deer, Alberta as a Registered Professional Counsellor, Joe didn't find the hustle and bustle of the big city rat-race to be a fit. His choice to move to Quesnel was motivated by the desire for a slower pace of life. Quesnel offers that and so much more, says Joe, “you’re not just another voice in the wind.”

Just as it’s important for all professionals to maintain a work-life balance, Joe spends his free time practising meditation. Clearing his mind-state regularly allows Joe to take on his life's work with valour and vigour. Success is captivating and Joe thrives when his clients experience higher healing.

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