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Emma has a passion for engaging with active and creative people who want to get better results, more easily.

Whether you are using a paintbrush or skiing a run, playing a tune or practicing yoga, riding a bike or walking the River Front Trail, you are obviously using your brain and body. But we all seem to run on automatic pilot until we hit a problem or simply want to do things better. So then it is important to reassess the effectiveness of how you are thinking and moving.

And that’s where she can help. Having the experience of how freely you can move leads to the recognition of how unnecessary some of your efforts have been. With expert manipulation using light touch, along with relevant explanation and discussion, she helps you to stop what is unhelpful and focus on what truly gets the results you desire. Because “what fires together, wires together,” these repeated experiences of moving more efficiently and effectively literally rewire your brain so it becomes second nature to you and you experience far better results without the expected ‘hard work’.

With the discussion of anatomical and functional truths, principles of movement and the role of ‘thinking’ in our movements, she will ask questions that can help you to find your own answers. You will be encouraged to have fun as you explore how you are made and how your ideas and beliefs impact the results you are getting.

Meet Emma Jarrett

Meet Emma Jarrett

Emma Jarrett says she is constantly surprised by the "inspiring people and experts who I keep discovering here in Quesnel." Adds Emma, "the interest, support and care shown for everyone in this community is truly heart-warming."

Emma herself is one-of-a-kind. Keeping current with recent neuroscience and brain-plasticity research, she applies her 20 years of experience to helping athletes, musicians, speakers and ‘regular folk’(!) perform to their fullest capabilities and overcome challenges.

Emma has a heart for those who are trying to take control of their lives and create a better future, and so she supports the Amata Transition House, Seasons House and Covenant House (Vancouver). She also does what she can to support the the variety of arts events in our community.

When she's not working, Emma enjoys being out in nature and particularly enjoys being by or on the water - though not necessarily in it! She enjoys skiing in the winter and when at home, where there is always music playing, she reads, writes poetry, has fun with her children and enjoys spending time with friends and family over a locally-grown, home-cooked meal.

367 Shepherd Ave
Quesnel, BC V2J 2G2


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