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Allies on your journey in health that enables you to pursue all that fulfils you.

Allied Therapeutics formerly served the community for 17 years as Hands on Health Massage Therapy. We have rebranded to reflect a more authentic identity as we have evolved over time.

You are worth it!

At Allied Therapeutics their team believes you are worthy, deserving and capable of living a life of health and mobility that enables you to pursue all that fulfills you.

They are health care providers, who will support you to achieve & maintain this. Their practitioners provide personalized treatments tailored to each client’s needs & goals. They achieve this through collaboration.

Allied Therapeutics offers an empowering experience – they strive to support your ability to overcome whatever obstacles you face in achieving your best performance, degenerative aging & persistent pain.

The team at Allied Therapeutics pride themselves on being good listeners – The best relationships are built on good communication. The best communication is Respectful, Empathetic, Transparent, Confident, Receptive, Adaptive, and Observational. They actively listen to understand your motivations and goals. Your care plan will be appropriately tailored to reflect your individual needs, ensuring it is realistic, achievable, and sustainable.

Allied Therapeutics offers guidance and coaching by building trust. Your program will be built with knowledge based, informed prescription. They increase accountability with SMART goals and supportive motivation. They are your trustworthy cheerleaders illuminating the path.

Owner, Christa Pooley, is passionate about collaborating with people to transform and maintain vibrant health, so that they can play, create, explore, celebrate, age healthfully and participate in a fulfilling life that they love.

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Meet Christa Pooley

Meet Christa Pooley

Christa Pooley is an active outdoors enthusiast and so Quesnel is the ideal place for her to live. Quesnel, she notes, is rich with outdoor recreational opportunities, and she takes full advantage of that by spending her free time enjoying activities like skiing and snowshoeing, fishing and hiking. She also loves Ranching alongside her family all year long.
Empowering people to feel like they have the ability to enhance their wellbeing is one of the primary reasons that she chose to become a Registered Massage Therapist. She gets a huge sense of satisfaction being able to help her clients manage & recover from pain and live fuller, healthier lives. Being able to make a business out of it, she says, is both humbling and rewarding. Especially rewarding, she adds, is when her clients refer their friends and family to Allied Therapeutics (Hands on Health).

In addition to having backyard access to the great outdoors, Christa also loves Quesnel for its strong sense of community. It is the people, she says, who really make it such a wonderful place to live and to do business.

1386 Chew Rd
Quesnel, BC V2J 4E1


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