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When you take the Historical Walking Tour of the beautiful Village of Queen Charlotte don’t miss Tidal Zone Silver Studio! Local artisan precious metal jeweller: Laura Dutheil’s creations will inspire and surprise you with their thoughtful details and delicate craftsmanship. Laura engraves silver with all originally designed imagery from the natural settings of Haida Gwaii. Sterling silver bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings are engraved with seashells (Scallops, Moon Snails, Butter clams), sea otters, crabs, octopus, Lady Slippers, and more!

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Visit the Facebook page of Tidal Zone Silver Studio to view sterling silver jewellery collection of engraved imagery of Haida Gwaii tidal zones and nature.

Meet Laura Dutheil

Meet Laura Dutheil

Laura has lived on Haida Gwaii since 1980 and loves calling it home. She enjoys the pristine natural environment, the abundant wildlife and the peace and quiet. She loves, "observing nature, beach gazing, gardening, berry picking and baking." Laura is a silver carver and draws inspiration from her coastal environment and the animals - the eagles, ravens, sea lions, herons, whales, bears and hummingbirds.

The opportunity to be financially independent and self sustaining through her craft are some of the reasons Laura enjoys operating her own business. "Showing my product to customers and conversing with them about my jewellery and listening to their feedback," said Laura, "that's what I am most proud of."

Living in a small community is an advantage for entrepreneurs like Laura because "people will always recommend you and are proud to send folks your way." Haida Gwaii supports small business. "People love to support one another," Laura said, "especially if they know you." Laura feels optimistic about the future of small business on Haida Gwaii. "Whoever is ready to serve the public will benefit as the island is being promoted as a bucket list destination," said Laura. She points to other businesses that are among her many favourites, such as Charlisle, QCVC, Isabelle Creek Store and Sitka Studio and expresses gratitude to the people that support local artisans and crafters.


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