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Sun Studio is dedicated to yoga instruction as well as promoting arts and culture within the community of Queen Charlotte. Professional artist and yoga instructor Kiki van der Heiden combines her two passions to enrich the lives of her students. Kundalini Yoga classes are available for all skill levels, from those new to yoga to those who are regular practitioners. Hatha Yoga classes are also available under the instruction of Laurie Gross. Sun Studio offers art and story yoga for children, a fun combination that engages children at their level of understanding and activity. The studio also offers art workshops, dance classes, puppet shows and readings throughout the year.

Sun Studio is a member of the International Feltmakers Association, the Surface Design Association and Semperviva Yoga Studio.

Meet Kiki van der Heiden

Meet Kiki van der Heiden

It was on a trip to Thailand more than a decade ago that artist Kiki van der Heiden made the decision to quit her job in her hometown of Amsterdam to pursue her art full-time. It was also where she met a man from Haida Gwaii and struck up a friendship.

Upon returning home, Kiki knew she wouldn't be able to afford to stay in Amsterdam after leaving her job. Her new friend told her how beautiful Haida Gwaii was and invited her for a visit. So she spent a month exploring the islands and fell in love with the area. Her new relationship blossomed into a romance, and in 2001 Kiki left Amsterdam for good, came to Haida Gwaii to launch her professional art career and quickly sold her first painting in a local coffee shop.

Several years later she took up the practice of yoga and then decided to take yoga teacher training. Although she had only intended to do this to enhance her own practice of yoga, she later taught yoga informally to a friend who was recovering from an illness. But word soon spread and others began asking her to teach them too, and before she knew it she was offering regular community yoga classes. Kiki also teaches art to children. Between art classes and yoga instruction, it was clear that she needed a dedicated space. She opened a new studio in September of 2014 which, she hopes, will become a centre for yoga and the arts in the community. “I just had to follow my heart and do this,” Kiki says, and she is excited to be able to share her two passions with people of all ages and backgrounds.

403 Oceanview Dr
Queen Charlotte, BC V0T 1S0


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