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The Royal Haida Yacht Club is working towards becoming a non-profit society to support and promote sailing and other sustainable recreational marine activities on Haida Gwaii. While still in its infancy, the Royal Haida Yacht Club has a number of initiatives and activities planned which could include sailing lessons for all skill levels, racing opportunities, weekly club sails, a youth sailing club and a sailing cooperative. Look for more information soon on how to get involved.

Meet Norman Wagner & Lori Wiedeman

Meet Norman Wagner & Lori Wiedeman

Avid sailors Norman Wagner and Lori Wiedeman spent a year on a sailboat for their honeymoon, ending up in Hawaii where they connected with the Royal Lanai Yacht Club. They were drawn to the sailing cooperative the club had created and it sparked a desire within them to do something similar back home on Haida Gwaii. After much research and planning, they launched the concept for a Royal Haida Yacht Club in 2014 and are excited for what the future holds. They’re passionate about promoting recreational marine activities on Haida Gwaii.

Being isolated six hours from the mainland makes Haida Gwaii living uniquely challenging. But, says Norman, it also provides many unique opportunities, not just for business, but socially as well. “Everybody knows your name,” says Norm, or at least knows someone that you know. “Our isolation makes us enjoy connections, and dances and parties are well attended.” Norm points to the many community events, such as Halloween, where everyone in town turns out to participate, as an example of how isolation actually brings a community together and improves the quality of life.

Norm and Lori, who also own "Chateau Norm":, feel very connected to nature and the land that makes up Haida Gwaii. When they aren’t enjoying the views from the water, they’re often enjoying them on walks with their rottweiler/black lab cross Maggie. They are particularly fond of the beach on Maple Island and frequenting their favourite local businesses, like "Funk It": for unique gifts and housewares, or the Sea Raven for a Seafood Benny.

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