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Visiting the islands of Haida Gwaii is an adventure that shouldn’t be missed. The rugged coastline, the majestic Pacific Ocean, the abundance of wildlife and sea life, the towering ancient forests and not to mention the immensely welcoming people.

For those visitors wanting to get off the beaten path, give Island Auto Rentals a call. They’ve got a variety of vehicles for any type of vacation, whether you’re looking to discover hidden vistas, remote locations or cruise through the many beautiful communities, Island Auto Rentals has exactly what you’re looking for. SUV’s, cars, 4×4’s, vans, you name it!

Put your mind at ease, each and every vehicle is well maintained with reliable driving standards. Take a trip without putting the wear and tear on your own vehicle, nor dolling out for the lengthy ferry trip!

Be sure to book early with Island Auto Rentals, many vehicles are already claimed for the upcoming travel season!


$50.00 per day for cars  and .18 cents per kilometre

$60.00 per day for SUV and 4×4’s and .18 cents per kilometre

Meet Geoff Ray

Meet Geoff Ray

Geoff Ray and his family have been residents of Haida Gwaii since 1976. Originally Geoff didn’t envision and long-term stay, but as life began to settle down within the community, the Rays quickly realized Queen Charlotte was where they were meant to be. “It’s the most vibrant community, it has the most stability and feels cosmopolitan and it also has a southern exposure,” boasts Geoff.

Many days are spent hiking the trails nearby, or exploring the inter-tidal areas and all the life flourishing within them. Living in Haida Gwaii has provided the Ray family with a back-to-basics lifestyle emulating so much peace and tranquillity. “I see the islands serving a vital need to experience a less institutionalized environment,” states the Breezeway owner.

It was in 2006 that Geoff noticed a need for added accommodation spaces for visitors. He filled that gap by creating the infrastructure necessary right from scratch and has enjoyed the process of building his business on his own terms. Geoff has always been handy and resourceful having worked as a carpenter for many years. Now the entrepreneur runs two businesses: Breezeway Accommodations and Auto Island Rentals.

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Queen Charlotte, BC V0T 1S0


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