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The Registered Massage Therapists at Revive are dedicated to treating their clients with kindness, love and professionalism. Reliability is the backbone of their business and you can trust that the team at Revive will always be present, mind, body and soul.

Massage Therapy not only helps those recovering from injuries or structural imbalance, but it is also an important tool to promoting ongoing health and wellness. Sabrina and Winona use a variety of massage techniques to formulate an individualized treatment plan dedicated to the specific needs of each client. They harness a complete toolbox of specialized skills including; relaxation, sport and Swedish massage, trigger point release, Stecco Myofascial work, Osteopathic, Craniosacral, Anatomy Trains, Lymphatic Drainage, therapeutic exercises and a variety of other RMT specific services.

The team of therapists at Revive provide numerous health benefits including pain relief and management, improved joint mobility, lymph drainage and circulation, stress and tension reduction, faster recovery from injury and illness and improved mental health.

All of the therapists at Revive are members of the College of Massage Therapists of BC as well as the Massage Therapists Association of BC. Valued clients can rest assured that they are in the capable hands of true and caring professionals when visiting Haida Gwaii Revive Therapeutic Centre.

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Meet Sabrina L. Frazier, RMT & Winona L. Olson, RMT

Meet Sabrina L. Frazier, RMT & Winona L. Olson, RMT

Growing up on the island together, Sabrina Frazier and Winona Olson have always been acquaintances. “I’ve known Winona my whole life, her mother is a friend of mine,” says Sabrina. “When Winona graduated high school and expressed an interest in becoming an RMT, I was there to offer her the first course.” Since then, Sabrina has been a great friend and mentor to Winona.

Sabrina explains that she’s thankful for the freedom and flexibility self-employment offers “I like to be my own boss; I can control the relationship dynamic and specify everything to each individual.”

Admittedly, small town business owners need to put their whole self into what they do. “I think business might be easier in a bigger community,” says Sabrina. “If there were many hands to help, I don’t know if I would need to give as much to my community. When someone walks into my space I want them to always feel like they’ve walked into a place that’s going to take care of them. I want them to know we’ll always be there."

"Revive allows for our spare time to be solely ours,” says Winona. “In turn, this change is going to create more time and energy for self-care. This is going to allow us to focus on becoming successful business owners and adding to the longevity of our careers.”

"There are two things that make Haida Gwaii what it is. First, it's the people. The people that are drawn here, the people that are born here and they choose to stay here. The community as a whole and all the characters that reside in it. That’s number one," says Sabrina. "The second is the island itself. It is a magical place: it speaks. You’ve heard Emily Carr express what it’s like to be here.The trees, they talk to you. Where isn’t there a hidden gem? If your eyes are open, there is magic everywhere. I love being here."

Winona likes to spend her free time outdoors and is an avid surfer. Sabrina practices Kundalini Yoga and is almost at her 200 teacher training level. In the past, she contributed her time to the arts and music festivals but for now, being a Councillor at the Village of Queen Charlotte keeps her pretty busy.

Both women have great hopes for the future of business in Haida Gwaii. “I’ve noticed more and more people are coming up with new initiatives," states Winona. “It seems like more people are willing to take risks and start new kinds of businesses that we haven’t had here before.” The impact of a longer and more robust tourism season is very clear. “People are investing in their businesses now,” says Sabrina. The future is bright for Haida Gwaii entrepreneurs.

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