Jane Langton

Health & Wellness

Jane Langton is a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Sexual Health Educator & Speaker. Hypnosis is a natural and collaborative process and a skill which can be learned where your mind becomes more open to positive suggestion, insight and the releasing of negative feelings. The process of hypnotherapy begins with an understanding of what self-hypnosis is. A primary aim is to teach you self-hypnosis so you leave with this new skill.

Jane is also an advocate for access to relevant sexual health education and information across the lifespan. She works with clients to gain a better understanding of their sexuality, dating and relationships.  In 2013, Jane was invited to speak at TEDxSFU. Her talk recently reached 4.7 million views on YouTube!

Meet Jane Langton

Meet Jane Langton

Jane Langton considers herself to be pathologically curious. This curiosity has served her well over the years and she does her best to approach life with a beginners mind. As a lifelong learner, Jane finds that being an entrepreneur means she can implement her new knowledge in her worklife so that her clients will get the very best.

"I certainly appreciate what this community of Haida Gwaii has to offer," says Jane. "More specifically, I am grateful for the supportive, collaborative and open-mindedness the folks here have created. When I first moved here I was walking home one day and I heard someone shout 'Hi Jane' to me. It made such an impact on me that being here only a few weeks someone who had lived here for many years had welcomed me so quickly to this beautiful place." Jane knew her decision to move to Haida Gwaii 'for good' was the right choice.

In her spare time, Jane enjoys walking the beautiful beaches with her dog, Lucy. Jungle beach is her favourite close to home. She also enjoys spending time in the garden, singing with friends (while pretending to know the words), and devouring all the books she can find on her two favourite topics!